I started working with Nancy to help with my sugar crashes that had been plaguing me since adolescence.  I was “starving” every two hours, which made me feel light-headed, unsettled and irritable.  I had always chalked it up to low blood sugar and a high metabolism and assumed this was just something I had to live with.  Every day was the same roller coaster resulting in headaches, fatigue and overall discomfort.  I traveled with snacks in my bag and car at all times, anticipating the fall that would inevitably happen. When Nancy saw me working at her house practically falling over at her dining room table from hunger, she (a natural caregiver) fed me healthy snacks and concoctions like water with lemon and apple cider vinegar and homemade energy bars packed with nutrients.  She told me about her program and I signed on; I thought I was meeting with a nutritionist.  Little did I understand the multi-dimensional nature of her approach and how it involved so much more than healthy eating; what Nancy offered was a new way of life and a new lens through which to view it. 


I truly enjoyed how educational her program was --  learning about food, where it comes from, and how it impacts my everyday health. As someone who never struggled with weight, I mistakenly thought that I didn’t have my own struggles with food.  Recognizing them and facing them was enlightening. She also gave me recipes every week that have now become staples in my family.  Six months later, thanks to (among other things) a big protein-rich breakfast, a big glass of water with lemon, and no more orange juice, I no longer crash every day at 11 am.  I have not had a food-induced headache for months.


Beyond the food, Nancy introduced me to a whole new way of viewing my life and my choices.  I always assumed it was normal to have a running dialogue in my mind of everything from to-do lists to replays of conversations with friends and family. Now I realize how draining this is on my energy levels and how it can be managed not only through food choices, but through yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation.  I never thought I would enjoy a yoga class, but Nancy encouraged me to work with a private instructor and I am finally experiencing the benefits of yoga, specifically being present. She also helped me gather the focus to finally start my own business (something I had been thinking about doing but was unable to pull the trigger).


Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, and is also non-judgmental, patient, and kind.  I feel so lucky to have had Nancy in my corner as an educator, coach, and cheerleader. With Nancy’s energy and support behind you, you feel like anything is possible.


Lynn Zerbib, June 2018




Working with you was an amazing learning experience. Not only did I learn from one of the best on how to successfully structure a 6 month program but I also gained an enormous wealth of knowledge & a friend too. You are a gift Nancy! You teach people to bring out the best in themselves. You have a way of asking those important questions we need to be asked. I feel 100% confident now working with others to help them achieve their goals. When I started with you I had 2 non paying clients and after only 7 months I now have 12 paying clients and 2 family members working with me. I feel blessed to have learned from you.

Keri Waters, January 2016

I highly recommend Nancy as health and wellness coach. In addition to being a mother and wife, I have a busy career. I knew that our family could have a healthier lifestyle, however, I was at a loss at how to change our habits. I have read many books on health and diet, but had trouble acting on the knowledge I gained. Nancy has a very personalized approach. Nancy looked at my life as a whole, and helped me adjust how I use my time and energy. I learned how to make healthy food choices, which, with very little effort have become habit. The knowledge imparted by Nancy allowed me to improve my life, and as a result my family’s life improved. I have lost weight, however, the benefits of working with Nancy run so much deeper than weight loss. I have a better work life balance, I sleep better, I am less cranky, and my husband and children have acquired healthy eating habits. My son was born with acid reflux. By 9 years of age, he had been prescribed a variety of medicines, and even had an endoscopy. As a result of Nancy’s suggested diet changes, my son no longer has acid reflux. I can’t thank Nancy enough for this. Finally, my husband was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. By working directly with Nancy, my husband lost weight and no longer has pre-diabetes. Thank you Nancy! If only everyone could be so fortunate to work with you!

Name withheld, Rye, NY, October 2015

Nancy is my go-to person for nutritional questions. She is brilliant and personable as well as honest and direct about everything; there is no hesitation when she gives advice. Nancy is also an excellent listener. She understands that we can't always eat perfectly healthy, so she will suggest viable alternatives. I am so lucky to count Nancy among my most valuable resources.

Sue Benjamin, May 2015

Before starting my 6 month program with Nancy I was lacking confidence as a new coach.  I had built up negative beliefs and stories around money and even felt a little guilty telling my clients about how much my programs cost.  

At first I was hesitant signing up for Nancy's program because I knew it was a big investment and I was afraid of investing in myself, but as a coach myself, I knew I believed in this kind of work and was dedicated to make big shifts in my life.  

First, Nancy helped me shift my beliefs around money.  I worked through my old fears and self-doubt with Nancy's support to double my monthly income and broaden my client base.  In the first three months, I gained 4 new one-on-one clients, and launched my first group program.  

Nancy gently stretched my comfort zone so that I gained confidence to put myself out there as a health coach.  That confidence gave me the push to start giving talks and workshops, and to really believe in the value of what I am offering.  

I first came to Nancy because I liked her clear and firm approach as a coach.  As I started the program, I found that she was also so encouraging and supportive.  That encouragement gave me greater confidence to move forward in my life.

I now feel secure and organized financially, have raised my rates, met my income goals and improved my coaching skills.  On top of that, I learned more about myself and added some amazing recipes to my repertoire.  Working with Nancy was an invaluable experience that gave me just the support I needed to get myself out there, serve more clients and grow my business.

Meredith Rom, August 2014

Life changing. Those are the best two words I have to describe my program with Nancy. What began as a curiosity and desire to eat better, has become an integral part of my life. I cannot think of a better investment, or a better person to help educate, empower, and motivate me. There are so many things in life that you can't change...but health, nutrition and attitude can be changed. Nancy, you rock. Thanks for the best gift I ever!!

Nancy Parmet Cook, August 2014

I had always considered myself a relatively healthy person.  I exercised regularly, ate well enough, took vitamins and was not overweight.  However, I knew I could do/be better.  It was when my migraine headaches became a more common occurrence than not and I suffered from a terrible episode of vertigo, that a health coach/ friend of mine, suggested I meet with Nancy.  And so I did…and my journey began.

Nancy taught me so much about how my food choices were impacting my energy level.  There was a direct correlation between what I ate for breakfast and how I felt at about 3:00 in the afternoon, when the migraines generally began.  I now knew the reason I was crashing most afternoons and feeling lethargic.  My food intake or “fuel” was not enough to sustain me throughout the day.

 Nancy’s program made me accountable for my choices.  The articles, recipes and books that she introduced to me dramatically changed my views toward food and provided me with an education that I was lacking.  She also helped me make very positive changes within my support system at home (babysitter, housekeeper). By redefining their roles, it enabled my family to join me on my journey.  My children are now involved in making healthy decisions and are held accountable for their choices.

Working with Nancy for a year dramatically changed my life.  I am a stronger, smarter and happier person. Nancy was the best gift that I’ve ever given to myself!

Debbie Harwin, December 2012

Nancy Weiser has the ability to change and heal people's lives, and I know because she has had a transformative effect on mine. Her approach is integrative and holistic. She begins with nutrition, but her great expertise and gift is to lead us to wellness in body, mind, emotion and spirit. She treats all of these with equal emphasis and balance. She is a health professional, therapist, analyst, coach, rabbi, guru and friend all at once. 

What she has helped me to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. When I began working with Nancy, I was very much at an impasse in most areas of my life, both personally and professionally. She helped me to analyze the source of my problems in each arena, and together we developed a specific action plan. We set clear goals for the short, medium and long-term. She has an extremely focused mind (and photographic memory!) and is able to survey the entire landscape of your life, perceive with great acuity what needs to be done, and then with a firm, assured hand, elicits your own strength from the inside out, and then from the outside in. 

Under Nancy's guidance, I have not only fulfilled the goals I set for myself, but I feel that what I have accomplished to date is just an inkling of what is possible. She balances clear-eyed realism, unshakable optimism, and spiritual faith in the goodness of all beings and the universe more beautifully than anyone I have ever met. I think of Nancy as the W(e)iser One. 

Nicholas Callaway, Co-Founder & CEO, Callaway Arts & Entertainment, October 2012

I’ve known Nancy for many years on a personal and social level, and around 7 years ago I worked with her to improve my diet and how I fed my kids. She was extremely helpful and as a family we made some major changes for the better at that time.  Several months ago, following summer camp, my 11 year old son came to me asking to help him figure out a plan to “get healthier.”  I wasn’t sure of the best approach, so I turned to Nancy, as I’ve always found her to be uniquely insightful and I trusted her opinion.  Nancy explained to me that J needed more than just a nutritionist to give him a list of foods to eat, as an 11 year old isn’t always in a position to follow a plan. Rather, he would benefit long-term by learning how food affected his body, which in turn affected how he felt day-to-day.  This would encourage him to be healthier as a way of life and feel better all around.

J, my husband and I started by meeting with Nancy together.  We were all very impressed with Nancy’s approach, and after just one session J (and my husband, who also benefited from this) started drinking green smoothies, eating oatmeal and vegies, and paying attention to what was on the labels of the foods he was eating. He felt more full after meals and began eating less. He lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks, started feeling terrific about himself and even improved in all of his sports! After his second session, J began cutting back on dairy and immediately had more energy and fewer stomach issues. He started making better choices even when he was away from home – at school or out with his friends. By the end of his time with Nancy he was even encouraging the rest of the family to stay away from places with low quality foods. J’s positive changes around food have had a ripple effect on our entire family. 

After 6 weeks J lost 15 pounds and felt dramatically healthier. His self-confidence improved as did his performance on the sports fields. Nancy taught him that the food he eats is his body’s fuel and if he feeds it well his body will repay him.

Most importantly, Nancy put a difficult lesson for all of us into language that J could understand, appreciate and act upon immediately.  I knew that having J meet with Nancy would be helpful, but I was overwhelmed with how quickly she has had such a positive impact on his life. She was amazing! Now, I’m working on getting my husband to go see Nancy!

Allison Stahl, January 2012

Working with Nancy has been amazingly helpful for my health coaching business, Vitamin L.  With Nancy’s guidance and support I was able to get the absolute clarity required to take my business to the next level. Nancy’s firm yet nourishing approach helped me to work on what I needed to set my business up in a way that works best for my clients and me. Nancy is a true gem in this arena.

Beyond Vitamin L, Nancy’s guidance had an immeasurable impact on my personal health as well as my families. I thought I was healthy before and now we have taken our nutrition and health to the next level by being more organised, focused and open to trying new foods. Feeling better than ever. Watching my kids choose greens of their own free will is priceless! Nancy’s tips and recipes have made an enormous difference in the quality of our everyday life.

Marla Bozic - Nutrition and Health Coach, November 2011

I contacted Nancy after hearing her speak during my nutrition and coaching training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Since I was in the program myself, my nutrition was already very good.  But, I needed Nancy's help and support to get me through a really difficult time of transition in my life.  

I was recovering from a difficult pregnancy, adrenal fatigue, and I had an infant when we started working together.  I was having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks, and could barely drive at all due to the anxiety.  I was very fatigued and was trying to adjust to adding a new baby to my already busy life as a working mother of a 7 year old.  I was also very unhappy with where I was living, and I had been carrying around the stress and exhaustion from moving 7 times in the previous 7 years.  And, during my time with Nancy, I was in job transition mode.  I was trying to figure out how to shift my whole career from being a physical therapist to being a health coach (and/ or combine the two?)  Plus, I wanted to try to find some balance between my careers and my life with our two young daughters.

Nancy was supportive, kind, and I really looked forward to all of our meetings.  She has great instincts for stopping me at the right times so that I could take a breath and look at what I was feeling and what I really wanted and needed.  She suggested tweaks to my diet that made a significant difference, and she added great recipes and short cuts to my cooking repertoire.  She helped me to realize when and how I needed help, and how to ask for it most usefully.  And, she helped me to prioritize and truly enjoy my young family.  

Nancy came along in my life at the exact right time, and I am so much better off for having met and worked with her!  I now have an almost 8 year old and a 10 month old.  I am fully recovered from my difficult pregnancy, including losing all of my baby weight!  I have returned to moderate exercise that I really enjoy.  I am strong enough to still be nursing my baby... who, by the way, is mostly sleeping through the night thanks to a little encouragement from Nancy!  I feel strong, my anxiety is 70% better, and I can drive all over my city without panic attacks.  (Though I still have a little work to do to conquer the freeways again... but, I am confident that I now have the tools!)  And, best of all, in just a few weeks we will be moving to a city that I am looking forward to!  And, we will very likely stay there for a long time.  I am excited about my career goals and prospects and now have the energy to create a good work life in concert with enjoying my girls!

Thanks Nancy! 

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CHC, August 2011

Dear Nancy,

I want to thank you for your patience.  You waited for me to come to you, learn, grow and evolve into a healthful and insightful person.  You have changed my life on a multitude of levels.

I suffered from a lifetime of mindless (although psychologically relevant) eating patterns, was nearly 50 years old, busting out of a size 14, had many hip and joint ailments which made me give up jogging and tennis, and the gross realization that I did not want to become a fat old limping lady… all led me to take you up on your offer of a free one-hour consultation.  Sitting there, I felt like an alcoholic who had hit rock bottom and was in desperate need to climb out or would l lose everything.  When you mentioned the commitment involved, I didn’t think I could do it.  I left without signing on.

Many days later, I was still thinking about our meeting and my misery.  I plugged my nose and dove right in.  While it all wasn’t as pleasant as sitting on the beach, it sure was a lot easier than suffering a blubbery ailing body.  Within weeks, it was easy, easy to make intelligent, mindful choices.  It was not such a stretch to think I would lose weight once I cut out processed food, and replaced it with real food.  The surprise came with how quickly my changes occurred.  Within no time, noticeable changes were happening.  I couldn’t go any where without people commenting.  Ultimately, I lost 20 pounds within five months.  But more importantly, what I got was an energetic, healthy body and peaceful mind.

Beyond me, these benefits directly impacted my family.  My young children are now making intelligent choices and breaking destructive eating patterns.  They too have more energy and will be far healthier than they would have been.  Finally, and quite unexpectedly, my marriage grew to a far deeper level.  Trust and purpose began to overtake daily routine and pressures.

Nancy, you teach far more than how to eat.  You teach how to live.  You offer a support system that enables one to create a lifestyle that no book or diet can accomplish.

Mary Blum,  February 2010

“Why do you need to do the program, you eat so healthy already?”  Those are the words I heard from my friends and family.  But, I wanted to find out why everyone who had completed Nancy’s program was transformed!

Now that I finished the program I know why!

It is life changing—what I learned, in a nutshell, is “to be mindful”.  To stop and smell the coffee (well not that anymore) and to think about what I am eating, what I am doing, why I am doing it and to enjoy all the moments.  Nancy’s program has helped me to make great eating choices, figure out my career and create personal goals and attain them!

I have had close friends and strangers tell me I look amazing.  I feel amazing and have so much energy and verve for life.

I have always been a passionate cook—now I have the opportunity to cook healthy meals every night and have my kids cheer when the meal is set down.  The whole family is into the process which is why the term holistic health counselor is a perfect title.

I have been living this “new life” for the past year and I can tell you that it is no way a “diet.”  I don’t even think about food in a “can I eat” way—I just eat what I know will allow me to feel good, always!

Thank you to Nancy for empowering me to be the best I can be and to always strive for more!

Danielle Seltzer,   February 2010

While I was working the other day I heard a parent talk to my receptionist about how we (my family and I) had had a really rough year.  I wanted to yell out from my room that I had had a great year but I didn’t want to scare the child in my chair. As I sat there working, I realized that they were talking about my breast cancer and my husband’s spinal fusion surgery in the last 9 months!  I then sat there thinking how could I possibly think I had had such a great year when all of these bad things had happened to us?  The answer came to me that I had spent 2 ½ years with Nancy Weiser.  The time I spent working with Nancy prepared me to deal with everything that was thrown at me this year.  My head would never have been able to see the greatness in this past year without her guidance.

I came to Nancy two and a half years ago to lose weight. We had already known each other for 10 years. She had sat in my office with her kids during her training at Integrative Nutrition and then told me I would come to her eventually.  I finally went when I was frustrated that all my exercising had produced no weight loss. I felt like I already ate healthfully, little did I know.

Following one full 6 month session and a half-time session for another 6 months, I had gained 3 pounds! Not a great advertisement for a successful program! However, I felt great! I had given up 40 ounces of diet coke a day, ate kale and quinoa all the time and practiced yoga 2-3 times a week.  I sat on Nancy’s couch and said I didn’t know what to do.  How could I do all of this and not lose weight?  I was really frustrated.

Through Nancy’s guidance and my sister, who is a gynecologist, I was prodded to really explore my medical issues and my head in non-traditional ways. My sister fixed my medical problems, Landmark Forum fixed my head and Nancy helped me to assimilate everything.  Nancy had been trying to teach me to live in the present and to really feel things – now I could. I tasted food.  I enjoyed it. I started to lose weight!

It’s been a little over two years since I started with Nancy.  My last session with her was about 4 months ago. I have lost over 10 pounds since then and probably closer to 15 since the weight started to come off. I still notice a drop of one or 2 pounds every few weeks. I’m down from a size 18 to a 14 and can even fit into a 12 sometimes.  I am vegetarian (leaning vegan) by my choice and loving it.  I practice yoga 4 days per week and am amazed at what my body and my brain can do.

This has been a fantastic journey. It’s hard to believe what I’ve accomplished in this last year.  I’m healthier, my family is healthier and we are all much calmer and happier.  I really couldn’t have done this without Nancy.

Leyla Z. Nakisbendi, DMD,  December  2009

I am a health professional in New York City in my late 40s who had become quite dispirited over the past several years—I felt lethargic and tired most of the time, always hassled and buried under more projects and responsibilities than I could possibly manage.  I also noticed that my clothing was getting tight and my weight had crept up to a number on the scale I had never seen or ever wanted to see—it all had the makings of a profound nightmare.  My wife and I met Nancy separately. After each of us experienced an engaging conversation with her, we professed to one another that we each would like to work with Nancy.  We were both uncomfortable with the trajectory of our lives and were both motivated to improve our lives and the lives of our two children.

My initial meeting with Nancy was explosive—the conversation was like no other that I had experienced in my professional life.  There was no way to bury the truth and no way to avoid engaging in positive prospects for the future, using Nancy’s client-specific tools as a guide.  Make no mistake about it—this is not a diet program.  Rather, one’s relationship to food is used as a conduit to affect global change in one’s life.   The intense reevaluation and restructuring process allows for increased focus, direction, and progress. When I first met Nancy, I had steep mountains to climb on my personal and professional “to-do lists.”  The books/articles that Nancy suggested served to spark foundational changes in my thinking and my perspective. The “Fierce Conversations” that followed helped me to get to bedrock truths about myself and to get to the heart of my current habits.  Consumption of 40-60 ounces of Diet Coke per day seemed an insurmountable challenge, as did my heavy sugar intake and sugar cravings.  My 20-year absence from regular exercise also seemed impossible to overcome.

The key to Nancy’s program is not the reading materials, however, but Nancy’s keen insight into her clients as individuals.  Nancy carefully dissected my roadblocks, held up a very bright light to expose these impediments and forced me to confront them in a very gentle, intellectual and Zen fashion.  In a nutshell, Nancy and her program have allowed me to see the connection between my personal beliefs and the actions I take and how to fundamentally shape and change them.  Nancy Weiser has been a portal to the “other side” of change and once you can see it and feel it, there is, happily, no turning back.  I now have healthier relationships, healthier children, a healthier body, and an irrepressibly positive outlook for the future. 

If you want to affect the changes that you always wanted to make and have somehow resigned yourself to never being able to get to – think again.  Nancy finds a way for you to focus your power on your concerns and to solve them in a methodical, forgiving fashion.  Her methods allow individuals to take their own path to where they know that they really want to go.

Mark J. Bronsky, DMD, MS, PC, August 2009

After observing my closest friends transformation before my eyes, I decided, after a couple of years, to see what their new found spirit was all about.  I had met Nancy numerous times and felt that I had participated in her program through the eyes and minds of my friends.  They had developed this sense of self beyond anything I can put my finger on.  They appeared to be living bigger, stronger, happier and clearer.  They rose above, they cared deeply for their children and husbands and they were leaving the nonsense behind.  The feeling of not wanting to be a follower was overshadowed by my desire for self-reflection.

I began my journey…Nancy’s program is multi-faceted.  It can focus on wellness of the mind, spirit and body.  You name it.  I had learned so much about the nutrition component through my friend that by the time I sat down with Nancy, we were able to move quite quickly to the heart of it all.  “The heart of it all” will be different for anyone who walks through Nancy’s door.  For me, I cleaned so much of the clutter that exists in my head.  I was able to synthesize and prioritize responsibilities I had to my family, my 3 children, my friends, but most importantly, to myself.

We are constantly confronted with images and pressures in our day to day life.  Nancy provides a safe space to air our struggles/strengths.  She pushes you to look yourself in the mirror and decide if you like what you see. Without judgment she takes you to a place where you are your best you.

Karen Cousin, December 2008  

When I was trying to think about how to summarize my experience with Nancy Weiser, I wanted to say something unique and more original than "her program changed my life.” After much thought, I realize I have no other way to describe my experience. When a friend told me about Nancy's practice, I was intrigued but did not think it was anything I needed. I already exercised daily, ate tons of fruits and veggies and never put "junk" on the table for my children. However, I also had terrible insomnia, frequent stomach aches and constipation, headaches before my "morning coffee" and an overall "anxious" feeling. Six months later I no longer have any of these symptoms that I had learned to live with. After some dietary changes: eliminating caffeine, most animal protein, white flour, and my nightly glasses of chardonnay I felt better immediately! Introducing yoga relaxed me and I tried many new and delicious meals for my family.

Most surprisingly and most beneficial to me was that Nancy essentially "reorganized" my life. She helped me prioritize my time with my family and ask for help when I felt overwhelmed. For example, simple suggestions like involving my babysitter in cooking dinner allowed me to spend more time with my children after school. I also began planning the week’s meals in advance which eliminated my constantly running to the grocery store at 5 o'clock in a frenzy. I feel more relaxed and happier which makes me a more patient and kind parent and wife. This is just one example of life lessons Nancy has taught me which have made me a peaceful and healthier person. I cannot thank her enough.

Sarah Davis, September 2008


I have just completed Nancy’s 6 month health course and have signed up for 6 more months.

I am an attorney working in the securities industry on Wall Street, living in Larchmont with two teenage children and husband number two after a divorce. I considered myself fairly athletic as I was able to run 6 miles, went to the gym 4 days a week, and danced and did yoga the other days. I also had good eating habits, thanks to a European mother who cooked from scratch and did not keep sodas at home. But, I felt as I approached my 50s, that no amount of exercise and dieting could help me feel good about my shape. I was thinking of a tummy tuck. Nancy asked me to wait until I completed the program. Following her guidelines, I gradually saw changes to my shape that I loved. Without ever being hungry, without feeling like I was denying myself pleasures in life, while cutting back on the amount of exercise and increasing the variety of foods I ate, I got rid of that ugly belly. I was thrilled that I had met my goals.

But to my utter surprise, Nancy was not satisfied meeting my goals. She had other goals for me: mental health, not just physical health. Her patient, thoughtful, supportive conversations about my own nutrition somehow led to better relationships at work, with my children, with my husband and with my friends. I also like myself more.

Working with Nancy was a treat not just for me, but also for my family. I highly recommend her program for everyone.

D. S., March 2008

If you are lucky, over the course of a lifetime, you cross paths with that occasional special person who changes the course of your life in a significant and meaningful way. For me it’s been an advisor at college, a mentor in my career, an educator in my children’s school – each of them has touched me in a unique, and unforgettable way.

The friend who told me about Nancy Weiser told it to me straight: “She will change your life”. And that is what she did, in ways I could never have anticipated or dreamed.

Nancy Weiser’s holistic health program is the most well-thought out, comprehensive, detail-oriented, personally challenging and educational experience I have ever encountered. Her breadth of knowledge in the area of nutrition, coupled with her ability to tailor her program and approach to each client’s very personal needs results in a different path for all who are fortunate enough to take a journey with her. Nancy is a role model in the truest sense of the word. She is someone who lives and breathes what she teaches, and her passion for helping her clients and their families incorporate good nutrition and healthy living in a warm and completely non-judgmental environment is remarkable.

The changes I have made, and continue to make in my life have amazed me and those who are closest to me. Things I did not believe I could accomplish for myself and my family are already a reality. Nancy’s passion is contagious. She is a gift you can’t afford not to give to yourself and your family.

Shari Rubinson, January 2008

I was out of tune. As a dancer, it is truly quite baffling that I could allow negative compromises to creep into my own precious instrument, my body. And further, how these seemingly moderate infractions could eventually conspire to afflict my spirit and mind. I was well on my way down that path and I knew it, yet I couldn’t see a way out. I was lost in my own clouds of ambiguity. I was a typical cliché: a middle-aged woman, stressed out, slightly overweight, with bad skin and too much noise in my head. Then I met Nancy.

She helped me change everything. Getting my food right was the foundation. More than just understanding and eating right, I found the joy and nourishment that comes from actually shopping for and preparing truly fresh and healthy meals for myself and my family. (What a concept: the act of cooking for yourself and your family, in and of itself, provides nourishment.)

Above and beyond this foundation, our work together has enhanced so many other aspects of my life. With the right food, moderate and enhanced physical exercise, and more attentive self care, I have been able to rediscover and revitalize facets of my self that had been masked or marginalized because of those unnecessary compromises. I have conquered years of addiction to cigarettes and alcohol. I look so much better and I feel really great.

Working with Nancy, I have had some truly astounding and powerful personal growth experiences. I have overcome emotional barriers. My relationship with the world has become more positive. I’ve learned to love and enjoy myself all over again. I’ve put some fears to rest. My life is more at peace.

Most importantly, my marriage is stronger and happier than ever; our children are healthy, happy and powerful; and along our journey together, we stop to smell the flowers and we are in tune.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Malherbe, July 2007


Thank you, for teaching me new ways to take care of myself—

I was expecting to learn all about food and nutrition. What a surprise to learn more about the whole package! (me!)

I have a new respect for myself—physically, mentally and spiritually and I’ve begun passing on your program to my family.

It was worth every minute and I thank you.

Lorilyn Ross, May 2007

P.S. Yoga Rocks!

There are so many things I can say about Nancy Weiser, the question is where to begin. I was introduced to Nancy through a friend already enrolled in her program who invited me to take the Whole Foods tour. That is where it all began for me. I’ve always known there had to be something else out there and that night I felt like I finally found “it”.

I had been to nutritionists before and understood what I was “supposed” to eat. I also understood the exercise component to be essential. I think the part I was missing was how everything you feed (exercise, food, relaxation etc) your body is related to how you feel. In other words, this would explain why I didn’t have much energy. I was constantly trying to skimp on calories to watch my weight while leaving some calories for my sugar cravings. This cycle left me feeling depleted and exhausted. By the time 3:00 rolled around I just wanted to rest.

Through my work with Nancy I started to put more time in my calendar for me. Yoga was now on my calendar twice a week in addition to regular workouts. The more meals I eat at home the better energized I feel. The whole foods and grains I’ve learned to incorporate into my busy life have helped me to gain better balance. I have also trained myself to multitask less and live more for the moment. My family has benefited enormously from Nancy as well. My children understand a lot more clearly that what you put into your body effects what you get out of it!

Nancy was by far the best gift I have given to myself in a very long time!

Stacy Orseck, December 2006

Nancy Weiser has helped me change my life for the better in so many ways. In ways that I had no idea could be changed.

First, we started with food. I thought I really knew how to eat healthfully, but I learned so many things from Nancy. The entire way I approach food and eating is different now: from the incorporation of whole grains to mindful eating to eating a large breakfast and lunch to incorporating leafy greens. It seems so simple, but it is so much more than just these simple rules. It’s a new lifestyle and an appreciation and gratitude for this lifestyle. I look forward to the delicious meals I cook, and I completely avoid the peaks and valleys I used to experience on my “old” diet that was filled with missed meals and lots of sugar. I’m certainly not perfect and definitely enjoy going “off the wagon” when I’m out for dinner, but I feel perfectly fine doing it knowing I’m eating so well the rest of the time. I feel healthier and cleaner physically and emotionally because of what I’m eating.

What I loved most about my sessions with Nancy, though, were the “emotional nuggets.” And there were so many! Nancy helped me identify very simply what “I” truly wanted out of my life and she absolutely gave me the strength I needed and the permission I needed to make a ton of changes. My anxiety levels have plummeted as I’ve become more in control of the aspects of my life that were causing me to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy. I eliminated responsibilities that were no longer good for my wellbeing. I adopted new routines that contribute deeply to my feelings of wellness, peacefulness, and happiness. I am all around a much happier, more satisfied, calmer, and more pleasant person. And I completely owe it all to Nancy.

I truly believe that I would still be in my emotional and physical ruts if it weren’t for Nancy. She does so much more than just coach you on good food choices. She allows you to make your life extraordinary – the life you deserve. She has given me back my life.

There was a point recently when I actually said, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” You can’t get much better than that!

Susie Schnall, September 2006

Let me begin by saying “WOW!” My time spent with Nancy was life altering. Her incredible knowledge of all things holistic and otherwise, her wisdom, her energy, her outlook on life and her ability to share these qualities made our sessions some of the most beneficial and important experiences I’ve ever had.

When my friend mentioned she was going on an educational tour of Whole Foods as a guest of one of Nancy’s clients, I was intrigued. I shopped there several times a week for my family but was caught in the monotony of buying the same foods each visit, most of which was thrown away by picky eaters. When I called Nancy to inquire about the Whole Foods tour, she described her program to me, explaining primary and secondary foods. From our first conversation on the phone, I was hooked! After we met in person, I knew I had met an incredible person who would be my vehicle not just to better eating, but to things far more important… making a better life for myself and my family. I signed up for her program hoping to become better educated about feeding myself and my family and ended up getting so much more!

As a full time mother of three young children, I led a hectic lifestyle, bordering on anarchy. I was living a life dependent on coffee to get me out the door and wine to get me into bed. I ate on the go – it never even occurred to me to make time for lunch at home! What a novel idea Nancy gave me when she suggested I cook a meal rich in vegetables and grains for dinner and then actually eat the leftovers for lunch! It was this kind of simple and straightforward advice that made it so easy to succeed. The plethora of amazing recipes took the mystery out of this new way of eating and got me excited to shop (especially in the produce section) and get into the kitchen. Not only do I know what daikon is, I eat it regularly! And, although my kids are still picky eaters, I now provide them with only healthy options for all snacks and meals. When offered Cocoa Puffs at school this week, my 4 year old son responded to his class, “I don’t eat foods with partially hydrogenated soybean oil!”

Nancy helped me to prioritize the hectic parts of my life and weed out the things that were unnecessarily causing me stress. By learning how to say “no,” whether to the volunteer requests that didn’t “light my fire” or to my kid’s pleas for candy or toys, I’ve been able to lighten my load and gain confidence in my decisions in the way I choose to live my life. Per Nancy’s suggestion, I began to incorporate yoga and meditation into my life. The process of “shedding” has become more natural to me, almost reflexive. Nancy’s advice was both enabling and supportive. I have been able to take more control of my life, making my home a place where there is more calm and balance than ever before.

Nancy’s support and ability to see a person’s strengths enables you not only to establish your goals but to reach them. Being a client of Nancy’s was the best gift I could have given myself and my family.

Allison Wohl, September 2006

I have known Nancy Weiser for many years in a personal capacity. I spent time with Nancy from time to time through our children, and based on her recommendations I starting doing yoga and improving my eating habits. These were major changes, which made a huge difference in my life, so as a result I was willing to work with Nancy in a professional capacity. My initial experience with the program began with a phone call to Nancy a week before we started. I was under the weather and asked for a recommendation from her. She told me what supplements she takes when fighting a cold, so I followed her suggestions. It worked, and then I was hooked and ready to begin.

My one concern was that it would limit my eating options, but instead it opened my world to an endless array of choices. Through discussions with Nancy and various body type testing I found I do best on and enjoy a primarily plant based diet. As a result I have more energy and sleep better. My skin is clearer, and I feel better overall. I became very interested in vegetarian cooking and have introduced so many new foods to my family. My children are eating many more fruits and vegetables and love it. Whole grains have become a way of life and I no longer have sugar cravings.

My program with Nancy went much beyond my diet. We discussed relationships with family and friends, my involvement in the community, parenting and all aspects of my life. It is a holistic approach that improved my life across the board.

It is difficult to quantify all the changes that I made over the past six months. It is fair to say that everything about my life has changed and continues to change. I am always looking for more information and evolving as a person. It is hard to imagine my life without the changes I have made. It has made a profound difference in the quality of my life and my family’s life.

Michele Sloane, August 2006

I grew up on sugar cereals, Pop-Tarts, Swanson’s Fried Chicken dinners and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. As I grew older, my eating habits did not get much better. I frequently skipped meals and/or grabbed a quick snack to accommodate my busy schedule. As I approached 40, my sugar cravings were stronger than ever, my migraine headaches still bothered me frequently and I began to realize that my three children were following in my footsteps with their food choices. I decided I needed to take action.

I had known Nancy since I moved to Larchmont in 1998. Our paths crossed often between mutual friends, temple events and children’s activities. When she explained her approach to nutrition and well being, I signed up with her right away. Nancy offers more than just a guide to healthy food. She offers a lifestyle change. Her approach focuses on better food alternatives, but it also provides insight into how to balance all the pieces of your life (work, home, spirituality, relationships, etc).

But first and foremost, there was the food. Nancy’s 2½ hour tour of Whole Foods opened my world to foods that I never knew existed. She showed us an endless amount of vegetables and fruits that I had never even heard of, much less been willing to try. But that was just the beginning. Fish, organic meat and chicken, soy products like tofu and tempeh, whole grains such as quinoa and millet; we learned about it all. It was eye opening and even a little overwhelming. But with Nancy’s help, we navigated through it until I felt that I could handle a visit on my own.

I’ve always been a picky eater, but Nancy offers so many recipes and alternative choices, I never felt like I couldn’t find something that I would like. Within a month, I was cooking more, certainly eating healthier and definitely feeling better. I realized the power of good food and how making the right choices made me feel healthier, more energized and improved my overall well being. I found myself drinking more water, reading food labels regularly, cooking often and buying fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods so that I would always have healthy alternatives in the house. Just as crucial to the change in my eating habits was the change in my attitude toward meal preparation and cooking. Being able to feed my children “real” food as opposed to frozen dinners and makeshift meals was a huge accomplishment. Even though my kids weren’t always happy with the healthier alternatives that I was introducing, they have adjusted to many of the changes and appreciate the home cooked meals and eating together more.

Nancy is dedicated, enthusiastic and makes every effort to really understand the needs and wishes of her clients. Her energy and wisdom are an inspiration. Nancy’s program doesn’t end when the 6 months are over. The knowledge I’ve gained will last forever.

Lori Herbsman, August 2006

Thoughts on Weiser Choices

I knew Nancy Weiser as one of the few parents in our neighborhood that consistently makes good choices for her children, sets reasonable limits, and is available as a resource on many subjects. So it is no surprise to me that she brings the same talents to her holistic health counseling. Starting with a low-pressure approach; “I am available to teach you when you are ready” and concluding with her offer of on-going services, I was very happy with my six months of coaching.

My husband was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in the late spring of 2005, leading to a need for very serious changes in our eating habits. Working with Nancy, I was able to make a series of small changes that resulted in very big benefits for both my husband and the rest of the family. Most significantly, Nancy provided me with ideas, recipes, information and support as we cut out sugar and refined foods. We actually added so many interesting and tasteful things to our regular food consumption, that the loss of candy, chocolate, and refined flour and sugar was not noticeable.

Nancy introduced me to Whole Foods and other area stores that provide significantly better produce and food than is available locally. More than taking to me the door of the supermarket, she walked through aisle by aisle to help me select brands, learn to read labels, and gather ideas for better choices. Without the addition of new foods, new recipes, and better quality food, dealing with the elimination of so many familiar foods due to diabetes would have been almost impossible. She had great ideas for snacks, lunches for my kids for camp and school, treats to take on car trips, things to serve at parties; solutions for every situation where food and diabetes become very difficult.

In the past 8 months my husband has lost over 20 pounds (I want to stress that he is very tall and big-boned and never looked like a blubber guts when he was heavier), I have given up Diet Coke and coffee and the kids are eating a wider range of foods and better quality foods at all meals. With an increased focus on cooking, spending time in the kitchen, planning meals, and being focused on the kid’s physical needs, we have achieved more harmony as a family. A by-product of the hours chopping vegetables in the kitchen is some peace in my mind to reflect on the kids and their needs beyond getting to the next class, birthday party, haircut, etc. Nancy helped me define what are reasonable outside demands on my kids and as a result we have limited playdate commitments and limited the duration of houseguest visits. Plus, I get to make a lot of jokes about growing my own produce, baking yogurt, knitting sweaters with three arms, and other relaxing activities such as yoga.

I sleep better, eat better, and my kids and husband are more relaxed and happier as a result of my program with Nancy. With the exception of some nasty vegetable mishaps (sautéed kale and collard greens, in particular), the entire experience was excellent. I looked forward to each of my sessions with Nancy and always took home several good ideas. Nancy has the perfect temperament to encourage and direct her clients. She is a truly gifted counselor and I am lucky to count her as a friend as well as an inspiration.

Susie Copley, January 2006

After turning forty I entered Nancy’s program with the expectation of learning how to eat healthier. While I have always considered myself well informed about nutrition and healthy eating, it was difficult for me to decipher the varied and constantly evolving dietary information available. I turned to Nancy to help synthesize and identify important and pertinent nutritional data. I got what I was looking for and much more!

I thought I had healthy eating habits before taking Nancy’s program however, it did not take long for her to enlighten me with a broad assortment of nourishing and important food options. With a comprehensive yet simple approach, we worked together on nutrition and other pieces of the puzzle to help me feel healthy and inspired. After being stuck in the same routines for so long, I am amazed that I now have the capacity to experience things I never anticipated: weight loss without deprivation, yoga, sleeping seven hours a night, high energy levels throughout the day, happily cooking and sharing healthy meals with my family.

It has been approximately six months since I finished Nancy’s program; my family and I continue to reap the benefits everyday. Most importantly, I have come away with the tools to maintain a healthy and happier life style.

I feel very fortunate to have Nancy in my life. Her passion, knowledge and strong desire to help others proved to be the recipe for success!

Susan Feitler, January 2006

I got to know Nancy when we used to wait outside of our children's classrooms at pick up. Whenever we spoke, I was wowed by her knowledge of nutrition and self-care. I learned more from those snippets of conversation than I had from any magazine, nutritionist or spa retreat. When I learned she was turning her knowledge into a business I jumped at the chance to have her teach me. While my goal was to learn more, I had no idea that putting that knowledge to use would affect me and my body so profoundly.

Before I started working with Nancy I was essentially afraid of food. Because I had a history of an eating disorder I was worried about trying new foods, and because I don’t eat meat I was relying on tofu and milk for protein. I ate virtually the same thing every day. Nancy was sympathetic to my fears, and got me to slowly introduce new foods into my diet. I learned so much about whole foods and how and why to prepare them. By the end of the program I was cooking with fresh ingredients, experimenting with new tastes and had virtually cut out coffee, sugar and milk. I now eat lots more than I used to, don’t feel deprived at all, and I feel so healthy and just great overall! Not only that, but without trying I have lost over 8 pounds.

Another point Nancy and I worked on was family eating patterns. I was cooking separate meals for each of my 3 kids and my husband, and then tossing some lettuce on a plate for me. Now I’ve gotten the kids to try more new foods and my husband to agree to expand his horizons (i.e.: he now eats brown rice). It’s definitely a work in progress, but I feel like a better caretaker now that I’m teaching my children good lifelong eating habits. Plus the time I’m saving by not cooking so many meals allows me to focus more on my family and not feel so resentful toward them.

One part of Nancy’s program that I didn’t expect was the tools I learned on how to improve my overall well-being. Through the course of our meetings we worked together on how to deal with stress and recognizing how stress manifests itself for me. I recognized the ways that I created stress in my life, how I could focus on the positive aspects of myself and my life, and how I should stop trying to live up to other’s expectations of who I am or should be. I not only feel healthier nutritionally, but mentally as well.

Working with Nancy has changed my life so completely. I am envious of all of those about to embark on her course – you are in for a wonderful experience.

Name Withheld, December 2005

I have just finished my 6 month program with Nancy, and it was truly an incredible experience. My expectation was to become knowledgeable in the area of nutrition, to know what to eat and cook, and to feel physically well balanced as a result of becoming more informed. My expectations were more than met.

No, I did not enter into a relationship with Nancy to lose weight! I just wanted to feel good, healthy, strong…I knew that what I was ingesting on a daily basis was not consistent with the healthy way I was trying to lead my life. I knew so much sugar, carbs and caffeine just could not be fueling my body in a productive way; however, I was not sure what the right foods were for me. As a busy, working mother of two, striving for balance in all activities, I knew I could do better.

Well, not only have I come to understand how what I eat directly affects the way I feel, Nancy has taught me to understand much, much more. I have not only been educated on WHAT foods to eat (most of which I had never ever heard of), but I also know WHEN to eat them. So yeah, food, I learned a lot. I feel great when I stick with the foods “God intended us to eat.”

But best of all, if one is so inclined, there is a beautiful and very spiritual piece to working with Nancy, her philosophy, and her teachings. Food is but just a piece of the big beautiful puzzle, and Nancy was able to tie this altogether for me. It was just what I needed, at just the right time in my life.

I commend Nancy on her enthusiasm, bravery, intellect, perseverance and power. She has a contagious spirit. I wish I could send everyone I know to be counseled by her!

I thank you Nancy.

Linda Filby, November 2005

I found working with Nancy to be life changing. What started out as a way to lose weight and address food issues…became a way to look at life and address life issues. By making a few food changes, I found my mind clearer. I found myself happier and calmer than I have been in years. I no longer need a large cup of coffee in the morning to function.

Amy Clark, September 2005


My goals when I began working with Nancy as a health counselor were to improve my eating habits and to lose some weight. I got so much more than that during our first six months of meeting together.

Nancy has become a counselor to me in many more aspects of my life than I ever expected. She is so smart, and at the same time is an understanding, sensitive, and supportive guide through the everyday aspects of living.

We examined many parts of my life: not just food, but exercise, relationships, work habits and the future as well. Our meetings were like refreshing hikes through the woods, or to the top of a hill, from where you could see things in a new way. I never left a meeting with Nancy without feeling charged in some way to improve my life, and with specific tools with which to do so. During the two weeks before my next meeting, I would hear Nancy’s voice in my head many times, encouraging me to incorporate some aspect of our discussion into the everyday. Our meetings were always fascinating and built on one another very gradually. Now, as I look back from where I started, I am amazed at the changes.

I definitely have improved the eating habits of my family in addition to my own. There are new ways of looking at food, behaving with food, and approaching food. While I have always enjoyed all kinds of food, I still was introduced to a much wider world. And with much less guilt than ever before!

I sleep better than I did before I met with Nancy. I am stronger than I was. My relationship with my husband is improved. I think I am a better friend and mother too. She even helped me to be better at my job.

Nancy is intuitive, intelligent and knowledgeable and uses these abilities to understand, analyze and suggest ways to approach the daily aspects of a client’s life in healthy ways. I can think of so many adjectives to describe Nancy as she worked with me to make these positive changes in my life: She is encouraging, directive, forceful, gentle, supportive, caring, creative, and open-minded. But the one characteristic that comes to mind over and over is that she is truly inspiring. And gifted—as a teacher, a guide, a friend and a mentor.

I feel very fortunate to have her in my life.

Susan Lipton, September 2005

Working with Nancy has been a life-changing experience. She has a
tremendous talent for reframing what I thought of as negatives into positives and I always feel so much better after talking with her. Since beginning my work with her, I have healed and deepened my 
relationships with family members, lost weight and found the courage 
to change my working situation. I am feeling fabulous! Thank you Nancy, for helping me to find my feet on my true path, and nudging me to take all those steps along it!

Jody Strimling-Muchow, Riverdale, NY June 2006

Nancy has a no-nonsense attitude and a sense of humor
 that made this experience not only life transforming, but enjoyable and fun. The counseling program was completely tailored to my specific needs - her support and focus were unwavering. She consistently held me accountable to the goals I set for myself during every session in a firm, but loving way that really empowered me to continually make progress in the areas of my life that I wanted to manifest change. Her program is truly results-oriented - I have reached
my ideal weight, increased and balanced out my energy
levels and my self-confidence has improved. Not only was she invaluable in providing information and coaching, but also in encouraging to me to trust my intuition and be my own counselor going forward. I have a heightened awareness of what I need to do to keep my body and mind in balance.

Connie Chan, Brooklyn, NY June 2006

I have been working with Nancy for the past 8 months and have to say that they have been some of the most life changing. I have learned so much about myself and how to take responsibility and better care of my health. Nancy’s dedication, enthusiasm and support enabled me to overcome many issues I would otherwise have avoided in the past. I am far more confident in my decision making and have all the tools to lead a fulfilled happy and healthy life. My family and friends have noticed the change in me and I love having this great feeling of empowerment.

Claire Wallington, White Plains, NY June 2006

Which is the bigger jackpot – winning the “Powerball” or having Nancy as my health coach? Both events can be life-changing but Nancy’s coaching has allowed me to live life in ways that ultimately really matter to me. She listens and then gets to the heart of the matter, offering simple, realistic ways of making lasting lifestyle and health improvements. Nancy’s counseling has changed my life and my health is better – what more can I say?

Sandra Keros Rossmann, San Francisco, CA June 2006

Nancy was a critical catalyst in making the past year in my life a transformative one. Nancy’s coaching, support and recommendations helped me connect the dots between my life goals and my health goals. Her guidance was fundamental in helping me achieve my personal goals by making me see that loving self care is the only way to begin to lead my ideal life.

From a physical health point of view, working with Nancy helped me gain greater clarity about what types of foods work well with my body. Nancy had great, simple recommendations for me to try and I hadn’t realized before how effective small changes can be. These changes have improved my PMS symptoms, my skin clarity, my energy levels and my overall sense of well being. I feel lighter and clearer than I have in years. 

From a spiritual and emotional point of view, every time I spoke with Nancy I left our calls feeling reconnected with my passion and clear about what I needed to do. She always helped me remind myself of my strength, my abilities and my beauty, like we all have but can often look for faults and weakness. The empowerment that comes from remembering how great we all are was always something she helped me regain.

I will forever be grateful and appreciative of Nancy’s loving energy. She is a wonderful coach and counselor, but more importantly she is a true friend. She was my rock-solid support, my challenger when I needed challenging, and my best advocate. My life will be forever touched by her.

Morella Devost, New York, NY June 2006

What drew me to want to work with Nancy was her professional background
 in business and marketing. This combined with being a Health Coach was a perfect fit for me. I thought to myself “this is someone who will understand the busy challenges of an executive in a very high pressured, high stress career.” Plus she is a mom (like me) and is spiritually connected to the world. I originally started working with Nancy because I wanted to lose 10lbs and get back to my exercise routine that had been neglected. I was also tired most of the time. I was self-employed, married, mother of a 2 year old, recently moved to CT, trying to start a second career and have a second child - and on top of it, the breadwinner. This all added up to a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. As healthy as I thought I was, I still needed someone to help take care of me. The truth was I had so much on my plate, I really could not see straight. I was not holding it all together as well as I thought I was. And quite frankly, I was angry a lot of the time. Nancy helped me work on “my” agenda. I started managing my time 
differently to take care of myself. This was a huge help for me. During my program we worked on a daily exercise routine, which was very important for my self-esteem and overall well-being. She encouraged me to get back to my yoga practice, which is my form of meditation. We talked about nutrition and cravings and its effects on the body and I started sleeping better. My program really evolved in terms of 
reducing stress and daily anxiety. As an added benefit she helped me 
focus and get clear with my new business.
 Nancy really helped me through a very tough phase of my life. She was always very supportive, motivational and experienced. I was sure never to take advantage of Nancy’s counseling sessions with me, but she was always available for those few extra minutes to discuss my situations. That shows a lot of compassion and care about her work. We had a phone counseling-relationship, which was very convenient for me since I didn’t have to travel to see her. Through my work with her, I learned valuable methods on how to handle my life better. The calmer I got the more it benefited my thinking capacity. I was also able to guide my husband through a long bout of career blues and face some of his challenges. This combined with nutritious eating was a huge help for our family.

I recommend working with Nancy. She is a highly effective Health Coach

and a very wise woman with life experience.

Alisa Cohen-Kessler, Weston, CT June 2006

Who knew I could get off coffee and alcohol? I never even tried kicking those habits before because they seemed such a part of me and the thought of eliminating them from my routine seemed not only impossible to do but like losing a part of my identity. By working with Nancy I learned how I personally could benefit from kicking coffee and alcohol to the curb, how my mood would improve, how I’d have increased energy and fewer cravings. And the greatest part was how it happened gradually, painlessly and permanently!

Before working with Nancy I thought my husband and toddler were eating healthy foods. During the course of the program I realized that I was comparing our diet to that of typical Americans. Eating vegetables and whole grains and eschewing the drive thru is indeed a good way to be, but Nancy showed me that there is more to healthy eating than that. Knowing that Nancy is raising kids who eat leafy greens with smiles on their faces assures me that I can have higher expectations for my child food-wise. Now my son asks for veggies, water, nuts and fruit instead of artificial, chemical-laden, processed junk! Take that Ronald McDonald! He’s a much more pleasant child for it too.

What led me to working with Nancy primarily was the realization that at some point as a mom and a wife I was going to have to put myself first in order to get my family fit, happy and healthy. When I started taking charge of my health and my diet I initially felt guilty putting myself first and taking up time and my money that would otherwise go to my family. But with Nancy’s reassurances and total support I stuck it out and I have a stronger marriage, a healthier child and I learned so much more about myself along the way!

Nancy Rogers, Freehold, NJ May 2006

Nancy has contagious energy and confidence. Her no-nonsense and frank attitude repeatedly inspires me to make changes and make them now. Time with Nancy is upbeat and positive. I end my sessions flying – ready to live my life exactly as I want. While working with her, I became able to recognize the abundance in my life and rejoice in it – beginning to leave my life as a procrastinating perfectionist behind – a true gift.

Seraphina Atemasov, San Francisco, CA May 2006

As my health coach this year, Nancy Weiser has helped me
 reach a place of greater balance in my life. The advice I received from her includes making better food choices, how to stay properly hydrated, ways to get better sleep, and maintaining healthy relationships. I definitely feel more healthy and happy with myself, and as a result, my life feels lighter and more
optimistic than it has in a long time. In the past 7 months, Nancy has been a great motivator for me. She was sensitive enough to know when to push me and when to pull back. I found her to be very reliable and good with the little details. I knew that whenever I called, she was always ready to give me her full attention. It was apparent that she always had a wealth of advice on hand, much of it easy to implement and very practical. One of the best things I will walk away with from working with Nancy is that I’ve become very clear as to what I want in my life and much more in tune with my own intuition.

Riho Katagiri, Astoria, NY May 2006

Follow-up from Riho:

Hi Nancy, July 12, 2006

How are you? I just wanted to give you an update on what's been happening in my life since graduation. The night of graduation, my sister had emailed me a listing for a job in Portland (Oregon) that described my abilities to a tee. This job incorporates not only my patternmaking skills but also my graphic design, photography, and dance background as well. I couldn't believe it. I had an initial interview with them over the phone and agreed to meet with them during my vacation in Portland last week. My husband caught on quickly, responded to an ad for a well known design firm in Portland and also landed an interview there last week. By the end of our vacation, he was offered the job. As for myself, I will also be signing on with my job today. It all started to come together so quickly that I had a moment of sheer panic but I have to believe it was all meant to be. We are scheduled to move by the end of August. Just wanted you to know what kind of impact your advice has had on my life. I can't thank you enough!

Hope you are well.



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