About Me

As Co-founder of Weiser Choices I provide health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, executives, and professionals. I specialize in helping busy people prioritize their health and nutrition in an overscheduled and hypercompetitive environment. My clients benefit from practical, life changing nutritional practices, guidance, support and accountability relating to exercise, time and stress management along with other lifestyle topics. I work within the structure and reality of my clients’ everyday lives and work. My customized programs provide the tools to gradually incorporate significant changes and watch them become a welcome and sustainable routine.

Benefits of Weiser Choices’ health coaching program may include preventing or managing chronic disease and improvements in:

· Weight
· Biometrics (e.g. cholesterol, triglycerides, HBA1c)

· Digestion

· Energy levels
· Sleep

· Hormonal balance
· Skin

· Caffeine and sugar dependencies
· Headaches
· Time and stress management
· Productivity

· Family Nutrition
· Children’s weight

I have been featured in The New York Times and have made multiple guest appearances on Morning Living and Whole Living, both on Martha Stewart Living Radio and FM News 101.9 in New York. I was the subject of a feature story in mindbodygreen. I am a featured speaker on GMOs in the 2014 documentary film Bought and have appeared on FIOS 1 News in a segment on Raising Our Kids: Healthy School Lunches. I am profiled in The Encore Career Handbook, How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life, by Marci Alboher. In addition to health coaching, I have served as a member of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Healthy Children Working Group.

Prior to becoming a health coach, I earned my BA from the University of Pennsylvania; my MBA from Penn’s Wharton School and worked in marketing for Time Inc. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and earned an additional certificate in health counseling from Columbia University’s Teachers College. 

My coaching style is direct, supportive and goal-oriented. I listen well and tie together details from multiple sessions allowing my clients to see patterns and identify obstacles in their lives that stand between them and optimal health.

In addition to coaching clients and spending time with my family, I enjoy yoga, biking, gym workouts, swimming, and skiing. I am 53, have been married for thirty years and I am the mother of three girls.  Other important activities for me include trying new recipes each week and staying current on what’s happening in the world of health and nutrition as well as in the rest of the world. 

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